Don't get discouraged by this season's polar vortex. Before you know it, the weather will get warmer and it'll be time to pull out those stylish skirts from your closet. I'd rather wear a playful skirt over a pair of pants or jeans any day of the week. It makes me feel and look instantly cute without having to put much effort. This spring, it's all about skirts, from pleated to pencil, and even vintage inspired A-line ones that hit pass the knee. But what do you do if you can't find a style that flatters your shape? Don't worry girl, there's a skirt out there for every body type!


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The key to picking a flattering skirt is looking for one that doesn't just hug in all the right places, but one that's going to hide those problem areas too. So whether you're looking to create curves, appear slimmer, or minimize those pesky parts, here's how you can find the perfect spring skirt for your figure!

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