It looks like the Kardashian sisters are at it again--designing I mean! Kim, Kourtney and Khloe recently launched their latest clothing line, only this time it's catered to baby girls and toddlers. The new collection, Kardashian Kids will be available at Babies 'R' Us stores on March 15. I have to admit this line is actually kind of cute. No I take that back--it's REALLY cute!

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kardashian kids collectionIt was only matter of time before these three came out with their own kids clothing line, considering both Kourtney and Kim are moms now. So what took them so long? Apparently they've been working on this since Kourtney's second pregnancy with Penelope. "It was mainly Kourtney who was the inspiration, but as I got pregnant, I started to chime in," Kim told WWD.

The new clothing collection is filled with polka-dot, butterflies, and even leopard prints. I especially love the peplum and lace pieces with gold embroidery. Who wouldn't want to dress their little girl in these adorable clothes? And not only are they cute, but the Kardashians made sure the fabrics that were used were super soft and comfy too. "Until you have your own child, you don't realize how important it is for fabrics to be extra soft and accessible," Kourtney told WWD. Oh and it gets better: Not only are these clothes cute and comfortable, they're also really cheap. They'll retail anywhere from $14.99 to $29.99.  

I can't wait to get my hands on all this cuteness. You can be sure that I'll be the first one lined up at Babies 'R' Us come March 15! Check out a few of my favorite pieces from the collection below!

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Butterfly dress 1

Butterfly dress

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How precious is this little butterfly print dress? All she needs is a cute pair of sandals and she's good to go!


Leopard print 2

Leopard print

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This leopard print onesie is SO cute, I might stock up on a few!


Lace jacket 3

Lace jacket

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This lace white jacket is super stylish, your baby is going to look even better than you!

Tutu skirt 4

Tutu skirt

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Every little girl needs a fluffy tutu skirt, this lace and sequin version takes it up a notch.


Lace and polka-dot 5

Lace and polka-dot

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The mix in texture and patterns in this short sleeve shirt gives it a very playful and girly touch.