Eva Mendes might have all the money in the world, but that doesn't mean she doesn't appreciate a good bargain. In fact, Eva probably spends less money on her clothes than most of us do. She recently revealed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she buys most of her clothing at Salvation Army and Goodwill. "I just love the find, looking, and I am cheap, so I really like that--a bargain," she told Ellen. "Nothing gets me like a $4 dress. I mean it's amazing." Wow and I thought I was a frugal fashionista!

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And it's not like Eva is sending her vintage pieces to a tailor either. She's actually fixing them up herself. "So I get them and then what I do is make the repairs at home on my own and stuff like that and now I get to do that on a larger scale," she said referring to her vintage-inspired clothing line for New York & Company. Her spring line launches on March 19. Let's just hope that gorgeous polka-dot she wore on Ellen (also known as the Arianna Dress from her collection) is available at an affordable price. But just in case it's not, here are a few spring dresses all for just 30 bucks or less!

Image via Forever21.com

White lace dress 1

White lace dress

Image via Forever21.com

This white crochet shift dress shows just enough leg to make it work for both the office and cocktail hour. Forever21.com, $30


Floral dress 2

Floral dress

Image via Necessaryclothing.com

Play up your girly side in this pretty, floral-printed dress that works great for any occasion. Necessaryclothing.com, $25


Denim dress 3

Denim dress

Image via Target.com

Looking for a casual, no-fuss dress? This denim number is your answer. Target.com, $28

Sleeveless dress 4

Sleeveless dress

Image via Forever21.com

This figure-flattering sleeveless dress can be dressed up with a blazer and pumps or dressed down with flat sandals. Plus, the mint color looks great against a tan complexion. Forever21.com, $8


Maxi dress 5

Maxi dress

Image via Hm.com

The ruffles at the top and the elasticized waist seam creates a cute and comfy look. Hm.com, $25