No one likes pesky panty lines, but I'd rather rock them for the rest of my life than try out the new C-string. In case you haven't heard, the C-string is a less bulky (but completely impractical) version of the thong. In fact, I don't think you can even call it underwear. It's literally a piece of fabric that covers a small part of your vagina that's held up with a teeny tiny bit of wire at the back. It looks more like a panty liner than an actual bottom to me. And I have a really hard time believing this thing actually stays put!

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C-String's website claims you can wear it as lingerie or even as a bikini bottom, but they say nothing to reassure me that it won't fall off. Honestly, how could it not? I'm assuming you'd pop the wire in between your butt cheeks or something, which would make swimming (or even just walking) impossible without this thing falling out. In order to get anywhere with this thing on, I'd probably have to grab on to my crotch the entire time. Plus, it shows SO much skin it almost doesn't make sense to wear anything at all. What's the point? It's probably more uncomforable than going commando.

And it might help hide panty lines, but after checking out the product's promotional video I learned that it can causes an entirely different fashion dilemma. Under thin fabrics, the front, thong-shape part shows and the wire pops out in the back. Now how is a wire poking from your behind any better than panty lines? It's worse!

As stupid as this product proves to be, I get where the inventors where going with this. They were obviously trying to come up with a product that would avoid ugly tan lines and pesky panty lines, but the C-String just makes no sense. Either keep your panties on or go commando--plain and simple!

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It is so ridiculous. It doesn't even stay put as I seen the woman trying to fix it every once in awhIle from the front.  Honestly, when I seen the back of the wire "String" , I was thinking it maybe was meant to be put up your anal...eww!!  People come up with the most stupidest things ever... Even the men were like .."what the Fu**!"


EWwww noo I don't like it at all haha


ugh.. disgusting.. I will pass on that.


Ugh!! I don't like bikinis and I would definitely NOT like this either.


heck no ! im sorry but i rather wear NO underwear than that lol


OMG!! This is hilarious and extremely ridiculous. I wouldn't even try it.

Eeww is pass on such a thing
A guy must have invented this. It's plain dumb.


Nope, they're not for me.

I wonder who would spend their money on this
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