Fake long, lean legs with these 6 easy tricks

Gisele Bündchen is pretty much flawless, there's no denying it. She has silky smooth skin, perfect hair, and legs for DAYS. Seriously, have you ever checked out this girl's gams? They're fabulous! I'm not going to lie, I was born with a decent pair of stems myself, but considering I'm only 5-foot-4, they are nowhere near as long and lean as Giselle's. But just because I'm not as leggy as a Victoria's Secret supermodel doesn't mean I can't show off my legs. Plus, who says you can't fake longer, leaner legs?

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That's right, you can totally fool people into believing your legs are longer than they really are and without even hitting the gym. How you ask? With a few styling tips, of course. Check them out and everyone will be checking you out--trust me!

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Add Comment What are your tricks for making your legs look longer?


nude shoes!... so nice and great help!

I love all these looks except the high waisted pants. They don't flatter me at all.

I like the wide leg pants


High heels with A line skirts or dresses.

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