I swear guys can't handle squat. In fact, one loser who can't seem to get over his exes so he created a collection of women's shoes, 12 shoes for 12 Lovers inspired by 12 women he used to date. For each of Sebastin Errazuriz's (aka the ultra sensitive guy) beautiful high-heels comes a brief anecdote about the girl who inspired it. But I must warn you, as pretty as these shoes are some of the description behind them are NOT. Like "Gold Digger" Alison, the shoes you see here. Oh god! This dude needs to get a life and move on!

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If you check this crazy artist's website, you'll see he also features nude images of these 12 women. Their faces aren't shown but who cares? You see EVERYTHING else from their boobs to their vaginas! Worst part is this fool even admits that he didn't even get permission to use these images in the promotion of his artwork. Can we say lawsuit? If I were one of these women I'd sue the crap out of him for this. He's probably making so much money out of this silly exhibit, might as well. Even the stories themselves are annoying. All he does is brag about how great the sex with these women were but whines about everything else. Real creative. Check out the shoes and lame stories yourself below! FYI: We didn't include the nude photos of these poor chicas but if you're really interested they're all on his site, 12shoesfor12lovers.com.

Image via 12shoesfor12lovers.com

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Pathetic guy designs high heels based on his exes & calls it "art"

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Image via 12shoesfor12lovers.com

"The Rock" Alice

"Alice knew we would be together long before I ever did. She also knew we would eventually break up although I always wanted to believe otherwise. None of us knew it would be so much shorter. I loved her so much. Always will."

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Add Comment What do you think of this man's shoe collection?


Haha, these are pretty funny!  Those women must be hoping no one figures out which shoe is supposed to be for them, lol. 


as much as I think he crossed the line a bit, we don't know what he went through with these women...instead of getting over he is getting even I say, wow and lol!!

I wouldn't buy from a jerk who showed nude pics of women on his site but a couple of pairs I liked. Too bad he had to be a douche

haha they are funny! omg the rock one hehe hilarious


too funny I like the "boss" 


The boss shoes look like something people here in NY would wear. The others? Not so much.

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