I love dressing up for the holidays but when it comes to fashion, Thanksgiving always winds up being my biggest challenge. The stylish part of me wants to show up super fancy, but the laid back part of me in me would rather wear sweats and stuff my face with yummy food all night long. So what's a girl to do? Can you still look cute while enjoying that juicy turkey and pernil? Hell yea you can!

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As much as I LOVE food, I also love looking stylish during the holidays and believe it or not, it's totally possible. I'm not talking bodycon dresses and fajas, chicas--that's totally pushing it! I mean cute, comfortable clothes that won't leave you feeling sick after you enjoy a plate full of mouth-watering dishes. Here are a few pieces that will make that possible!

Image via Modcloth.com

Oversized sweater 1

Oversized sweater

Image via Urbanoutfitters.com

Hide a bloated belly with a big, cozy oversized sweater. I'd wear it with a pair of leggings or a cute mini skirt. Urbanoutfitters.com, $60.


Knit sweater dress 2

Knit sweater dress

Image via Gap.com

Whoever invented knitted dresses was a genius! They're warm, cozy, and don't reveal unflattering bulges. Now that's a dress made for eating! Gap.com, $40


Maxi skirt 3

Maxi skirt

Image via Hm.com

Maxi skirts can be easily dressed up or down. Pair it with a chunky sweater that hits right at the waist and heeled ankle booties. Hm.com, $13

Maxi dresses 4

Maxi dresses

Image via Modcloth.com

If you're going to go the maxi dress route, look for a flowy, loose fit that won't hug bulges. The waist band on this one will keep you comfortably cinched in. Modcloth.com, $50


Loose top 5

Loose top

Image via Mango.com

Let that tummy breath, with a chic loose chiffon button down top. All you need is a pair of dark skinny jeans and high heels and you're good to go!  Mango.com, $60