6 Things you shouldn't wear if you have a big butt

Just when I was finally starting to love Kim Kardashian's style, she messes it up with this super tight stretchy pencil skirt that made her booty look sort of saggy. The new mom wore the forest-green number with a stomach-baring gray cropped T-shirt that would have looked a lot better paired with something else. Don't get me wrong, it's not that this wasn't a great outfit. It's more like this outfit did NOT work for Kim's big butt!

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You can't really blame Kim for not knowing how to dress for her butt. It's not always easy to find pieces that work for your behind, especially if you like following runway trends. But like big boobs, big butts dressed in the wrong outfits could wind up looking skanky versus sexy. Here are six things you shouldn't wear if you have a lot of junk in the trunk!

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Add Comment What kind of clothing pieces do you avoid wearing because of your big butt?
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Add Comment What kind of clothing pieces do you avoid wearing because of your big butt?


Thank God I don't have a big butt hehe


you would think with all the money they have, that they could afford good stylist!

They should know better but done just don't lol

Oh boy.  Why?  lol

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I think this article so damaging to young girls body image. What happened to wear what ever the heck you want? I do not give a damn what shape my body is and maybe we should be teaching young women how to embrace their bodies and feel beautiful whatever they wear and whatever shape and size they are instead of trying to shame them for it.
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Who writes this trash? I hope the people who read this do not take it to heart. You wear whatever you want to wear and feel comfortable in. These people are not paying your bills nor trying to make you feel good.
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More like "things you should wear to hide your big butt". Leggins with a big shirt ? Seriously? Having a big ass is hot , flaunt it lady's

I don't have  a big  butt. 


No big but here, haha

whoever wrote this article is a hater
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