6 Embarassing celeb wardrobe malfunctions!

It seems like every celebrity in Hollywood has suffered from a wardrobe malfunction at some point or another--including the guys! Mario Lopez recently took to Twitter to share a picture of his recent clothing mishap, which occured while he was about to head out to celebrate his wife's birthday.

"Uh oh... Ripped my suit getting into the car," he wrote, alongside a funny photo of him, flashing his underwear and pointing to the tear in his pants. He later added the hashtags, #PantsTooTight and #Undies. Ha!


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Well, at least he has a sense of humor about it! And at least he can take comfort in the fact that its happened to even the most put together of celeb--including some of our favorite Latina stars. Below,  check out six famous Latinas who suffered from wardrobe malfunctions: 

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i guess it comes with the job...she does wear revealing clothes and something has to give eventually.


Haha Lopez is too funny!! 


great way to make light of the situation! lol 


Lol, at least he can laugh at himself.

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