25 Different ways to tie your scarf this season (VIDEO)

Can I just say that I'm thrilled it is scarf season? I love scarves and always have a stash of them ready to go. During the autumn and winter I always, always carry one with me and I'm never sorry I did. Right now I'm particularly thrilled because I was recently gifted with a purple pashmina that has skulls all over it. It makes me feel refined and punk rock at the same time. I predict it will be the scarf of the season for me and I've already been wearing it, but so far I've only tied it two different ways and I was looking to find different ways to tie it when I scored by finding a YouTube video called "25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes"! I knew there was something to this video when I noticed it has gotten over 20 million views.


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So after watching the video, I learned that I have been religiously rocking the Modern Loop and the European Loop. I guess I'm just loopy that way. I'm excited to try out the Bunny Ear and the Infinity. Quite frankly, I can't believe I haven't tried the Infinity before;  it's so darned simple and would solve the issue of my scarf sometimes falling off of me.

Anyway, if you are into wearing scarves, you should definitely check out this video. It is very cleverly put together and I am beyond impressed at how effortlessly this woman is able to show 25 different ways to tie a scarf in just 4.5 minutes.

Image via YouTube

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