Is it me or does Sofia Vergara look a lot slimmer in this picture? The Modern Family star was recently spotted on her way to a Jimmy Kimmel Live! show appearance looking less curvy than usual. The crazy thing is she still had her famous hourglass figure for the 2013 Emmy Awards. Could she have really dropped that much weight in two weeks? Nope, I think it's all thanks to the flared jeans!


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Any big booty chica would tell you that a pair of flared jeans is one of the best ways to minimize curves. They also do wonders for your butt. You'll look like you've been doing squats for days! You'd be surprised how much slimmer you can look with the help of certain clothing. When it comes to flattering a curvy figure it's all about finding pieces that help create balance. Here are six ways to minimize your curves with clothes:

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