Did anyone else get a good look at that denim belly-baring top Jennifer Lopez wore the other day? It's already been about two weeks since the pop queen posted the picture (featured here) of her urban-inspired outfit on Instagram and I'm still not over it. I'm all for crop tops, but J.Lo really took this trend to extreme (and higher) heights. Plus, isn't the 43-year-old mom kind of old to be wearing tiny shirts like this?


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The woman has amazing abs--I get it! But that doesn't make this belly top paired with baggy jeans an appropriate outfit. This might have worked during her "Jenny From The Block" days, but at her age it just looks crazy. I'll admit, the crop top trend isn't an easy one to pull off. You really have to be careful if you want to keep this look classy. And unfortunately, J.Lo isn't the only star that's been having problems rocking this style. Here are a few other Latina celebs who do the crop top trend ALL wrong!

Image via Instagram

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