New York Fashion Week isn't only for celebrities! There have been some pretty style savvy kids in attendance too, including our favorite little trendy Latino, Alonso Mateo. Remember him? We introduced him to you last year after his mom, Luisa Espinosa's Instagram account quickly started gaining popularity--largely because of the adorable photos she posts of her son's AMAZING outfits.

Now, he's back in his element (aka among the top names in the fashion industry) and is looking more adorable than ever.

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Seriously, look at him rocking the heck out of those red cropped pants, navy blazer, and loafers. He's better dressed than most adult men I know!

And he's not the only youngster to model some pretty amazing looks in between the designers' shows. Below, check out five more of the cutest kids at NYFW:

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Summer Chamblin 1

Summer Chamblin

Image via Instagram

Summer Chamblin, daughter of famous stylist June Ambrose, is already a staple in the fashion word, with thousands following her  very own Instagram! This outfit she's wearing by taking a picture of her mom is pretty adorable. Just look at that glittery purse!


Dressed in Plaid 2

Dressed in Plaid

Image via Instagram

This little cutie fits right in among the fashion crowd in black pants, a plaid shirt, a little newsboy cap and a mini peacoat.


Alia Wang 3

Alia Wang

Images via Instagram

Alexander Wang's niece, Alia, is just as fashionable as her uncle. Just look at all of the ridiculously chic outfits she wore throughout the week!

Like mother, like daughter 4

Like mother, like daughter

Image via Instagram

This little girl looks just as good rocking a cool print as her stylish mom!


Disney & DVF 5

Disney & DVF

Image via Instagram

This little girl's perfect accessory to her adorable Diane Von Furstenberg jacket? A Mickey Mouse toy of course!


Striped socks 6

Striped socks

Image via Instagram

The best part in the outfits of this little girl and her dad? Their fun, striped socks!