I have a confession to make: Before my days working as a beauty and fashion writer, I had my fair share of disastrous style mishaps. Back in the day (high school to be exact) anything I saw J.Lo rock during her Jenny from the Block days, I wore--and embarrassingly enough, with pride! But before you start to make jokes, let me remind you that I wasn't the ONLY Latina sporting these tacky fashions!

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In fact, I'm pretty sure we ALL did at some point or another. Don't even try to tell me you never owned a velour suit, Jennifer Lopez-inspired denim jumpsuit, over-sized bamboo hoop earrings with your name on them, a corset top, or a pair of super-stretchy Colombian jeans? Mhmmm, that's what I thought! Here are the 13 worst Latina fashion trends I wish never existed!

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J.Lo inspired denim jumpsuit 1

J.Lo inspired denim jumpsuit

Image via Skinnerrunner.com

I swear every Latina in my highschool owned one these jumpsuits. Just looking at this picture brings back terrible memories. Ugh!


Visible thong 2

Visible thong

Image via Getty Images

Showing your thong was cool because ... ?


Super sheer tops 3

Super sheer tops

Image via Getty Images

Not even Rosie Perez could pull off this skanky look.

Velour suit 4

Velour suit


Come on, you know you had one (or two ... or three)!


Colombian jeans 5

Colombian jeans

Image via Efcolombianjeans.com

We swore these made our butts look bigger.


Corset top 6

Corset top

Image via Getty Images

Back when lingerie was worn like regular clothes.


Bustier 7


Image via Facebook

Selena was the only one who could sucessfully sport blinged-out bustiers and NOT look awful.

Basket ball jersey worn as top 8

Basket ball jersey worn as top

Image via Getty Images

I never followed basketball in my life, yet I rocked the jerseys …


Belly shirt 9

Belly shirt

Image via Getty Images

I'm all for crop tops, but the belly shirts from back in the day showed WAY too much skin. Check out that embellished bandana!

Prom-ish dress 10

Prom-ish dress

Image via Getty Images

Whether you were attending a wedding, a quinces, or a reunion with the familia I know you wore a prom-ish looking dress like this!


Club-ish dress 11

Club-ish dress

Image via Getty Images

But if you were hitting the club with your girls you wore one that looked more like this. Watch out for nip-slips!

Timberland stilettos 12

Timberland stilettos

Image via Youtube

Remember the Timberland looking Manolos J.Lo wore in her "Jenny from the Block" video? Well every chica had the bootleg version!


Bamboo earrings 13

Bamboo earrings

Image via Etsy.com

Cause you weren't "cool" unless you had a pair of oversized bamboo hoops with your name on them.