Let's be honest: As stylish as today's clothing may be, nothing really compares to the fashion from back in the day. Think about it, there's a reason why vintage pieces have become so popular. It's because the clothes from our abuela's era weren't just well crafted, but incredibly figure-flattering too! A lot of my fashion rules and inspiration come straight from my fabulous abuelita. Even at her 85 years, the woman still knows how to dress to impress!

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If you think about it our abuelas were pretty glamorous chicas. Women in the 50s and 60s always dressed elegantly no matter where they were going or what they were doing.  To them there was so no such thing as casual wear, unless you were home cleaning (where no one could see you of course). And EVERYTHING they wore was figure-conscious! Because after all, what's the point of wearing something if doesn't compliment your shape?

Now I'm not trying to imply you give up your comfort for style, but there are definitely a few things we can learn from these ladies on how to flatter our figures. Take a look!

Image via Modcloth.com

Wear a belt 1

Wear a belt

Image via Forever21.com

It was just the other day my abuelita asked to borrow a stylish thin belt to wrap around her blouse. That's because it instantly cinches in your waist and makes your tummy look flatter. Forever21.com, $5


Choose a pencil dress 2

Choose a pencil dress

Image via Stopstaring.com

A pencil dress made of stretchy material instantly flatters a curvaceous figure. Look for a subtle key cut-out if you have a big bust. Stopstaring.com, $158


Try an A-line 3

Try an A-line

Image via Modcloth.com

An A-line dress that hits a little passed the knees cinches in the waist and conceals thick thighs. Modcloth.com, $75

Add a blazer 4

Add a blazer

Image via Riverisland.com

A structured blazer instantly polishes up any look. For a perfect fit, always get them tailored. Riverisland.com, $78


Tacones 5


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Tacones makes everything look better! Try a pair of pointy pumps to lengthen your legs. Payless.com, $30