New Tum Tape promises to control belly bulge without surgery!

When you're getting dressed up, you want to look your best to the point that sometimes you'll wear some type of shapewear. But those fajas can be restrictive and even uncomfortable ... but would you ever consider taping your tummy down? A 45-year-old British woman named Karen Macauley created the "Tum Tape," a product intended to tape down your belly fat without the uncomfortable need of shapewear.

The product much to our surprise is not something that Macauley worked on for years. In fact it all happened impulsively one night after a bout of female insecurity…


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Macauley much like most women had excessive tummy fat she was dealing with after having had four children. No exercises, diets, or shapewear disguised her flawed area, until one day out of complete desperation she reached for the adhesive tape in her kitchen.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, the mom found that taping down her tummy to her upper thigh had worked successfully throughout the night--except for one thing. The removal was painful as it yanked on the skin when taking it off. This inspired Macauley to create Tum Tape which was modified after she presented it to local business men who she tried convincing to back her product.

The mom told the site that the concept stemmed from her insecurity which made her antisocial because she hated the way she looked. "I developed the idea over the last couple of years to help other people in the same position,'" she explained to the British daily. She even says that men could use it too, except removal may be a bit painful for them. Luckily for her, her Tum Tape idea was approved and she says she plans on donating some of the money she earns to recovery centers for people suffering from body image problems.

The idea of yanking tape off of my body doesn't sound so appealing, but the tummy concealment idea wins me over. I'm sure the updated version of Tum Tape will be made so it's not painful to remove, but hey if it works, count me in! I can see this especially selling fast with new moms trying to hide the post-baby bulge when going out. If Macauley created this genius idea on the fly who knows what else she'll be inspired to create next!  

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