Beyonce furious after H&M photoshops her skinnier & I don't blame her

The new Beyonce as Mrs. Carter H&M swimwear ads might look amazing now, but there was definitely a few changes made before the final images were released. In fact, the diva was pretty upset when she first discovered that H&M was actually trying to photoshop the images to make her appear slimmer. Not only did she complain about the extremely airbrushed images but she demanded they ONLY use her natural photos for the campaign ads. Good for her!


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Beyonce had agreed to be the face of H&M's 2013 summer swimwear collection and posed in a number of colorful swimsuits and bikinis that showed off her amazing curves. It was surprising to hear that H&M was actually trying to retouch the images to make her look skinner. "Her people refused to give the pictures the green light so H&M were forced to use the originals," a source told The Sun. An H&M spokesperson claims that there were some "discussions" regarding the photos but in the end the images that were used were not retouched and Beyonce seemed to be very happy with the final results.

After checking out the final ads myself, I'm actually really surprised the company even considered photoshopping them. Beyonce's body looks pretty amazing. I honestly don't see how they could have made her any slimmer. The girl has a pretty slim figure to begin with, any thinner than this and the photos would have definitely looked strange.

I have to say that H&M has been making some progress. There was a time when their ads only consisted of frail, thin models. But earlier this month they featured a gorgeous plus-sized model as the face of their beachwear ads.

I'm just glad that they're finally recognizing how important it is to feature a wide variety of models. Super skinny models don't motivate women to buy clothes. Glad to hear that Beyonce spoke up and now I have even more reason to finally check out the line!

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