This cellulite-banishing faja might actually be the real deal


Hey chicas, there's a new faja on the market and this one not only promises to make you look slimmer, it also claims to help banish that pesky cellulite. French lingerie brand Simone Pérèle recently launched Top Model, a new caffeine-infused shape wear line that aims to reduce the appearance of cellulite, while flattening your stomach, slimming your hips, and lifting your booty. Could this be too good to be true?


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The lace faja contains slimming agents, like caffeine along with vitamin E, retinol, and aloe vera that are microencapsulated into the fabric and then released onto your skin to help banish cellulite. While I definitely had my doubts about whether or not this really works, an independent study found that 63 percent of women who wore the shapewear after 28 days experienced a noticable reduction of cellulite. What!? How!?

It probably has a lot to do with the caffeine, which is known for boosting blood flow that can help banish cellulite. There's a reason why our abuelas used to rub coffee grounds all over their thighs back in the day, because it really does work. While it may not COMPLETELY get rid of cellulite, if done regularly it definitely reduces the appearance of it. If you think about what causes cellulite, it makes perfect sense. It's damaged tissue that cannot support the layers of the skin that's caused by poor circulation. So anything that helps speed that circulation is going to help diminish its appearance.

As far as the shapewear slimming benefits go, they might actually work too. Every Latina out there knows if you wear a faja long enough, it can help flatten your stomach. Just take a que from Jessica Alba who wore a double corset for three months straight after her pregnancy to get rid of her post-pregnancy belly. So imagine one that includes actually slimming agents? That has to have its effect.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not encouraging anyone to skip out on healthy eating and exercising to just solely rely on shapewear like this to get you in top notch shape. That's definitely not how it works. But, hey, if you try this cellulite-fighting faja on top of eating well and working out regularly, you might just notice some changes!

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