Latina celebs who forgot their undies on the red carpet!

Apparently Eva Longoria has joined the club of celebrities who like to leave the house without underwear on. In fact, she had a pretty mortifying experience at the premiere of the Jimmy P. Psychotherapy Of A Plains Indian during the Cannes Film Festival last week. While trying to go down a flight of stairs her semi-sheer mint colored dress flew up, leaving her girly parts out for all the world to see. Oh and of course it was all caught on camera! She must have been absolutely horrified. Seriously, what's up with celebs going commando on the red carpet?

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I swear every time there's an award show of some sort, you can expect to see at least one female star in a dress with sheer panels on the sides, obviously indicating that she has no panties on. It never fails! I really don't understand how these women don't feel uncomfortable or awkward. I definitely would feel ashamed of myself--that's for sure. Check out some of our Latina celebs who aren't afraid to ditch the underwear all for the sake of fashion!

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Add Comment What do you think of the no underwear trend?

Don't they make enough money to at least buy underwear?! LOL I dunno, there's classy and trashy. Choosing to not wear underwear, hey to each her own. I'm sure it can be done discreetly with class. To display it for everyone to see, seems a bit trashy.

Are we sure though that they are actually naked. I am sure they can afford sheer skin colored panties and this is more than likely the case. At least they aren't flashing their privates at us like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan.


There's no way I could NOT wear underwear!  lol


To each their own, some of them weren't that bad but once you start flashing people then it's just trashy.



I don't like it.

The comment about J lo was funny
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No accident-how do you think she got where she is today-no acting abilities had to get hired someway!
Well I def couldn't go out without my panties !

pretty embarrassing I guess, I've never left the house without them lol

I honestly think a lady should always wear underwear especially under a dress
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