Lacy teddies for men are here, but they shouldn't be

I'm all for sexy lingerie in the bedroom, but I'm not sure how I'd feel about my man being the one wearing it.   HommeMystere is a new quality lingerie label that includes padded bras,  lacy teddies, and frilly thongs with names like Jungle Fever, Moulin Rouge, and Forget-me-not specifically tailored for men. Yes, this is for real. I guess us women aren't the only ones that like experimenting with lingerie. Is anyone else a little freaked out by this?


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HommeMystere's aim was to help change the way we shop for underwear, whatever the heck that means. The new men's line includes "comfortable men's panties that really do fit, bra straps that don't fall off the shoulder, teddies that don't ride up halfway through the night, and quality soft fabrics that feel great for all day wear."  It's kind of hard for me to believe that a man would be "comfortable" in tight panties and thongs, right? The brand also claims that these lingerie pieces aren't being targeted to men of any specific sexual orientation.

"We provide our lingerie for guys. We are not concerned if you are gay, straight, vegetarian, Republican, Anglican, Martian, or any other persuasion," as stated on their FAQ section.

Umm … I don't know about you, but I'm not really interested in having pillow fights with my man dressed in polka-dot-print panties (as shown in the ad image above). That's just freaking weird! I have nothing against men that like to cross-dress, that's their business. But I'm not trying to be with one that does. In fact, if I EVER found my guy laying around in bed in a rose colored teddy, it would definitely result in an instant breakup. Sorry!

Could you imagine messing around  with your man with the two of you dressed in matching panties and bras? I don't think so. For those of you who are into freaky experimentation, you might be thrilled to see your guy in ruffled thongs and lacy lingerie. I, on the other hand, could definitely do without it. Leave the lingerie for us ladies, thank you very much!

Check out the crazy promo video below:

Images via HommeMystere .com

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