Metal bikinis debut at Rio de Janeiro fashion week, are every girl's worst nightmare

I'm not even going to lie, I'm kind of a fan of Brazilian bikinis. In fact, it's only April and I already bought myself a super cute one the other day at Victoria's Secret. Even so, I'm really NOT feeling the new metal bikinis that were debuted at the Rio de Janeiro Fashion week show in Brazil. Help me understand the point of this. There's no way this thing is comfortable, in fact it probably hurts a lot!


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Innovative and creative beachwear options were seen at the runway shows during Rio de Janiero Fashion week. Some were actually a little too creative for my taste, if you get my drift. I'm talking bikinis in see-through mesh that you probably wouldn't get away wearing anywhere but in Brazil, long-sleeved unitards that featured zippers that ran all the way up model's spines, bathing suits made out of sweatshirt material (definitely not weather appropriate), and strange metal bandeau bikini tops that looked like they were made from a cast of a model's chest. How ridiculous is that?

First of all, let's talk about the comfort factor here. Well, there is none, because there's NO way this bikini is even remotely comfortable. You might as well place a metal armor on your chest and pair it with a bikini bottom, because that's exactly how it's going to feel. This thing is also pretty dangerous if you think about it, because if you stay in the sun long enough with this bikini top on you're bound to wind up with some serious third degree burns. And you can forget about snuggling in the sand with your significant other, because you're only going to hurt AND burn him if he presses his chest against your hot metal one.

Last but not least, this isn't even cute! I understand occasionally sacrificing comfort for style every here and there, but that's what sky-high stiletto heels are for and that's as far as I'm willing to go. This heavy metal swimwear is just straight up ridiculous and instead of getting compliments, expect to get ugly-faced stares instead. Seriously, what are they going to come up with neck? Plastic panties? I'm so over it!

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