10 TERRIBLE fashion trends from Coachella 2013

Coachella 2013 has offically kicked off and with it, plenty of REALLY bad, outrageous fashion. I get it, everyone is having a good time, partying, and rocking out--but does that mean they have to look like crazy people who haven't showered in days?

I'm telling you, I've seen everything from men dressed in women's clothes and bizarre face masks to women in tacky body suits (see above) and floral head bands straight out of Woodstock. Don't believe me? Just take a look for yourself!

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Add Comment Which one of these trends do you think is the worst?
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Johanna is the beauty and fashion staff writer at MamásLatinas and obsessed with all things beauty and fashion. She is a proud Dominicana and was born and raised in Queens, NY.

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Add Comment Which one of these trends do you think is the worst?


They were all bad, although I would say those leggings bodysuits would be nice to wear on halloween.


That's just lame. Who would pay for that crap?


Now thats a crazy trend actually.



It's kind of hard to pick just one.

The skeleton suits are funny. The hip bones look more like two skulls fighting over her Va-jay jay

They are all horrible.


all of them are terrible


they all are horrible but the worst is the guy with the green thong 


Oh dear...am I just old?  I find nothing attractive there. 

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