5 Easy tips to make your favorite bras last

I can't tell you how many times I've gone through my bras only to find them suddenly misshaped and worn out. For years I was clueless about how to properly care for my bras. Did you know that the average woman only owns just 9 bras and only wears 6 of them on a regular basis? If you think about how few that is, it's clear that extending the longevity of your bras is a definite must do. Especially considering how expensive just one could cost you. No bra is meant to last forever (after all, they do lose elasticity over time), but these simple tips can help you extend them for as long as possible.


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1. Wash them often: You don't have to wash your bra after every use, but depending on your personal hygiene, consider washing them after wearing them two or three times.

2. Hand wash: Avoid tossing them in the washing machine, which will only leads to mashing up the cups, deforming the shape, and even affecting the way they support you. Instead, hand wash them in a sink filled with cold to cool water. Try adding a small amount of mild detergent into the water and then let the pieces soak before gently rinsing.

3. Let them hang: After washing, gently squeeze the bra to remove any moisture. NEVER throw your bras in the dryer. That's literally one of the worst things you could do. The high temperatures will mess up the shape and cause stretching. Instead, try hanging your bras by the strap on a laundry rack. Or you can lay them facing up on top of a dry towel. Either way, make sure your bras look perfectly shaped before drying.

4. Try lingerie bags: Can't find the time to hand wash? Then make sure to set your washer to gentle cycle. Also, to prevent twisting and misshaping, separate your bras from the rest of your laundry by placing them in a laundry or mesh net bag.

5. Set aside a drawer: If you can, dedicate one of the drawers in your dresser just for your bras. Neatly stack them one on top of the other (facing up). This will help bras to maintain their shape.

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