How to take care of your high heels so they will last forever!

It was just the other day that I was going through my shoe closet in search for one of my favorite high heels. After minutes of digging through piles of shoes, I found my beautiful vintage strappy tacones in less than perfect shape. These pumps make me look instantly stylish, no matter what I'm wearing, so I figured why not show them a little extra love back? And let's face it, shoes can get expensive. So taking care of the pairs you already have can definitely save you some extra bucks. Check out a few of these simple tips to get your favorite shoes to last a little longer.


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Keep them clean: Sweep a condition polish over your leather shoes from time to time using a soft cloth. And keep your suede pairs fresh with a stiff shoe brush. Use a suede eraser to rub away any dried dirt or stains.

Get better soles: If the taps and half-soles of your shoes are starting to wear out, it might just be time to have them replaced. A shoe repairman can do it for around $30 or less. It's a pretty nifty price for a pair of shoes that will now last you a couple more years.

Fight odor: Are you shoes smelling a little funky lately? Try sprinkling some baking soda inside the shoes and let them sit overnight. This will help absorb any odors. Remove the baking soda the following morning with a soft cloth. Need a quicker fix? Try a shoe odor spray, like Dr. Scholl's Sport Spray Odor Destroyer ($5).

Consider shoe trees: Yes, I know shoe trees can seem a little old fashioned, but they really work to retain shoe's shape. Just slip then in after every use. It's such a super simple way to care for your shoes!

Get a shoe rack: Limited on space? A shoe rack is a great way to keep all your shoes organized and in place. They also help protect your footwear and keeps them in good shape. Look for a sturdy, expandable one you easily accommodate anywhere.

Protect tacones from rain: Chances are you're not going to wear your favorite leather or suede shoes on a rainy day, right? But just in case make sure to always spray a waterproof protector on shoes with delicate materials. This will help keep the surface safe if they were to wind up getting wet.

Let them breathe: Never neglect a pair of soaked shoes. A wet pair that never properly dries can encourage a fungal foot infection as well as lead to discoloration. Leave them out in a cool, dry place with sufficient air circulation. To speed up the process, I like to take my blow-dryer and dry it for a few minutes on low heat settings.

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