Shoegasmico: Fabulous floral heels!

Yes, the weather still sucks, but I know exactly how to cure my mid-winter blues. How? With a bold pair of floral print heels of course! These gorgeous Guess pumps have been on my mind for days. I've been looking for a little something to help brighten up my mood and my wardrobe and this is definitely it. While they may lean towards the splurge-y end (retail at $100) these babies are way too chic to pass!


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Whenever I'm down in the dumps I like to give myself a little room for spending. And what better than a pair of pumps that not only make me think of spring but that can take me everywhere from the office to dinner (if paired with the right outfit, of course). The great thing about these high heels is that you really don't need to do much: Just wear them with an all black outfit and you're pretty much set.

Everything about this shoe makes me want to fast forward to spring: from the elegant floral print to the vibrant bright heel color. I can honestly see myself wearing these shoes everyday throughout the spring and summer. Okay, maybe not EVERY day but definitely a lot.

I can't seem to get myself to stop obsessing over these fun and flirty shoes. But can you really blame me? I mean, seriously, look at them!

Image via Instagram

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