Prints made a strong comeback on the spring 2013 runways, but this blooming trend is not just for skinny supermodels. Feminine florals, flirty polka-dots, and horizontal stripes are quite wearable and can work for any body type. It's all about putting together looks that cover those problem areas and play up your curves. Check out a few of my styling tips below and make sure to keep them in mind the next time you hit the mall!

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If you're curvy 1

If you're curvy

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A floral print dress is actually a lot more figure-flattering than you think. Look for an A-line style that’s belted (or just add a thin belt) to help accentuate your waist. Throw on a long blazer in a shade that complements both the dress and your skin tone. A pair of ankle strap heels will elongate your legs, making you appear longer and leaner.

Dress:, $45; Blazer:, $27; Sandals:, $70; Clutch:, $35


If you have a tummy 2

If you have a tummy

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Peplum tops are miracle workers when it comes to concealing a pesky pouch. Pair a black one with a fun pair of floral print jeans. Accessorize with a bright pair of pumps and a clutch to give the look more of a pop.

Jeans:, $30; Peplum top:, $14; Shoes:, $35; Clutch:, $65


If you're pear-shaped 3

If you're pear-shaped

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Try putting the focus on your upper body, rather than on your hips and thighs. Pair a polka-dot blouse with a pair of red skinny jeans that will help create a little more volume on top while minimizing some on the bottom. For a springy look, wear it with some platform sandals and a stylish tote bag.

Top:, $55; Pants:, $60; Sandals:, $90; Tote bag:, $375

If you have a wide waist 4

If you have a wide waist

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Wide horizontal stripes normally tend to make women appear wider. Instead try a dress with thin stripes and make sure to add a bright belt to cinch your waist. A dress with diagonal paneling like this  not only shaves inches off, but gives the illusion of an hour glass figure.

Dress:, $56; Belt:,  $34; Cardigan:, $33;, $80


If you're petite 5

If you're petite

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Look for a romper with small floral prints and make sure it includes some kind of cinching at the waist. Pair it with some heels or wedge sandals to make legs appear longer.

Romper:, $58; Wedge sandals:, $40; Blazer:, $45; Purse:, $38


If you're slim 6

If you're slim

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If you want to look a little curvier, try an A-line skirt with a bold, tribal print that will draw the eye in on your small waist and create curves. For a cool casual look, pair it with a tucked in denim button down and some fun animal print booties.

Skirt:, $43; Top:, $67; Booties:, $70; Bag:, $130