If a pair of Christian Louboutin heels aren't on your guy's budget this Valentine's Day, then here's a sweet option he can definitely afford. Latina chocolatier Andrea Pedraza, a designer shoe-lover based in Texas, has created a product that combines a woman's love for both chocolate and heels. Pedraza fills shoe-shaped molds with delicious chocolate, then decorates the high-heels using gourmet ingredients to give them that luxury shoe look. Yum!


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What's her most popular chocolate pump? Christian Louboutins, of course! The red bottoms are created using red icing and are especially in demand leading up to Valentine's Day. In fact, Pedraza claims that her top customers are actually men searching for romantic gifts. She likes to keep a few extra pairs on hand for her last-minute shoppers.

One thing's for sure, this is definitely the kind of Valentine's Day treat I'll fall head-over-heels for, pun intended. Being the chocolate fanatic that I am, I really wouldn't mind seeing a pair of my favorite dream heels created in chocolate form. Would you?

And while the price tag for these chocolate creations, which range from $30 to $55, are a bit on the pricey side for candy, it's still a bargain compared to an actual pair of luxury shoes. So you'll technically be saving your hubby several hundred bucks. Pedraza has created a wide array of styles, from polka-dots to zebra print designs, but I think I'd want mine to feature a fun combination of the two, like the new Christian Louboutin FLO pumps pictured below. A pair of cocoa covered shoes like these delivered to my job would absolutely make my heart melt.

Drop your fella a hint and let him know about these sugary replicas. Pedraza's shoes are available at her shop in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas, Texas and at Cocoandre.com. The only issue I can see myself having with a gift like this, is finding them TOO beautiful to eat!

Check out how Pedraza creates these decadent treats in the video below!

Images via Cocoandre.com & Christianlouboutin.com

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