There's only one week left 'til Valentine's Day and I'm officially in the holiday spirit. V-day can be a fun and romantic experience—or, let's face it, the worst day ever! Either way, I'll admit I'm already looking for something super cute and incredibly heart-felt to amp up my look, which is why I've totally fallen in love with these Love Me Heart Charlotte Olympia Suede Pumps. These sweetheart shoes seriously make a statement and their bound to get anyone's heart racing. Yes I'll admit, they're a little cheesy—but isn't that sort of the point of Valentine's Day?

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The splash of hearts keeps it romantic and the sky-high heels give it an extra- sexy vibe that will pair perfectly with even the simplest little black dress. Plus, I don't know if you've heard, but apparently Charlotte Olympia is the new Christian Louboutin. So either way, I'll look both sweet AND stylish. This is ultimately the look I'm going for anyway.

They're a prime pick for V-day whether you plan on spending the holiday with your hubby, friends, the kiddies or with a giant box of chocolates—no judgment! Listen, I'm all about go ALL out or go home. So if you're going to doll up you might as well do it with a pair of shoes like these.

I have to tell you, these shoes were definitely love at first sight. The second I saw them I fell head-over-heels. I mean look at how delicate and flirty they are! They're the kind of shoes that give you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. And I could probably get away with wearing them on another date night, or any night for that matter. Yes, I know these lipstick red stunners might be a bit out of my price range. But they're guaranteed to last me longer than a heart shaped box full of chocolates right?

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Add Comment What do you think of these shoes?

These shoes are cute but not something I'd wear.

Yeah they are cute but not for me.


Cute but I'd love them in flats :)

Maybe cute in a pair of sneakers for my 9 yr old. For myself, as heels? Not so much
Cute but ill pass.

eh they are ok, I mean other than V-day, when could you wear them? 


I'm crazy for shoes and WISH I could wear something darling like that for Valentines Day. 


They are different but not my style.


They are cute but too "costumey" like.



I think they are cute.

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