Yes there is such thing as splurging responsibly!

Whenever I hear the word splurge, an indulgent, unplanned, and impulsive buy automatically comes to mind. It's the kind of buy that usually results in a guilt trip. When it comes to splurging, it's so easy to get carried away and before you know it you've maxed out your credit card with a whole bunch of items you really can't afford.

Believe it or not, a little splurge here and there is actually healthy. No, that's not the shopaholic in me speaking, it's true! A little spending makes life just a little more enjoyable. After all, you should be allowed to spend your own hard earned cash every so often, right? The trick to not breaking the bank is planning and preparing a splurge that still works into your spending plan. So the next time you decide to treat yourself, keep a few of these tips below in mind!

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I usually splurge because my husband makes me lol...I only shop for me when it is absolutely necessary or when I can get a good deal. I enjoy quality but I do not like paying hundreds of dollars for a name when I know there is equally good items at better, more affordable prices.


These are good tips. I have learned to not buy things just because. Instead I think about whether or not I will need it or use it. And I always look for a deal.

Another thing I do, if I find a deal and it's a want more than a need, like a new pair of shoes, I will get it and then donate two items of what I already had. It makes me feel good.

Great tips.
I tend to use coupons like Old Navy super cash and combine it with scores from the clearance section. I got myself close to $300 in clothes for just $50. Woo hoo!

I'm a sucker for shopping online!!! I sell Scentsy, so I either buy myself some new products or I shop with some of my friend's that sell products from other direct sales companies. That's truthfully my biggest weakness.

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