Adrienne Bailon's cutout dress is a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen

Honestly, what was Adrienne Bailon thinking when she decided to step out in this crazy asymmetrical cutout dress? The former Disney star wore it to the unveiling of her Valentine's Day Cocktail recipe event earlier this week. I'm sorry, but is anyone else out there nervous about a boob slipping out? You would think that after her horrible fashion faux pas last year (when she chose to skip the underwear with a particularly skimpy gown) that she'd be a little more conscious of her dressing.

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I mean honestly unless she's trying to make a second career out of wardrobe malfunctions I'm not quite understanding the bizarre outfit choices.

Don't get me wrong, the girl is beautiful-- I'm just saying I get nervous for her whenever she hits the red-carpet in one of these risky ensembles. But unfortunately she's isn't the only celeb making ultra-revealing fashion statements. For whatever reason, a lot of our favorite stars seem to like sporting incredibly tacky outfits. Check out a few of the ones I'd love to just forget!

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Add Comment What do you think of Adrienne Bailons dress?


Oh my!!! It's a cute print but the cut in the chest is an embaressment waiting to happen.

Ugh, why hasn't she learned from her previous experience? I like the skirt shape and color/print. But that top cutout is waiting for a wardrobe malfunction.
It's a cute dress but should've covered up the boobs more to avoid any slips.

She's gorgeous and doesn't need to wear clothes with all those cut outs.


I like the bottom part of the dress but the top not so much.


She's a beautiful girl and would be more beautiful in clothes that actually covered her properly. A classic beauty should be classically dressed.


Cute dress minus the peak a boo portion.

She's pretty but why show your boobs all the time
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