It's embarrassing how long it took me to realize I was walking around wearing the wrong bra size. For years I couldn't understand why I could never find a bra that fit me just right. Even with my small bust, shopping for bras always seemed like a chore. There were times when I would look back at pictures and notice an awkward fit on my tops. Sometimes it would be wrinkling in the cups, other times it would be so tight you could see the underwire poking at the sides, and there were even times when I'd wear a low cut top and noticed a mortifying space between my breast and my bra. Not okay!

Not surprising though, since stats show that 4 out of 5 women are wearing the wrong bra size! Which is not good, since wearing an incorrectly fitting bra can easily ruin an otherwise flawless outfit. A well-fitting bra not only provides you with support and comfort but it works as the solid foundation for your clothes.

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The right bra can easily transform your look, making your outfit look seamless and well put together. Just keep in mind that when it comes to bras no two fit the same. Even after you've figured out your size, make sure to always try it on before purchasing. 

Take out your tape measure and follow these step-by-step measuring tips to help you find your perfect fit!

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Find your band size 1

Find your band size

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Start by standing straight and relaxed. Make sure you’re braless or wearing a non-padded bra, then take a soft tape measure and wrap it around the bottom of the band (directly under your bust) and keep the tape measure tight and level. Now round to the nearest whole number. If it’s an even number you want to add four inches and if it’s an odd number you want to add five. The total of your calculation will be your band size. For instance if the rounded number is 34, your band size is 38.


Find your bust size 2

Find your bust size

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Now take the tape measure and wrap it around the fullest part of your chest (at nipple level). If the measurement falls between two whole numbers, round up to the nearest whole number. For instance if you land on 36.5, your bust size is 37.


Calculate your cup size 3

Calculate your cup size

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Subtract the band size from the bust measurement. Then refer to a bra chart to find your cup size. For example, if your bust measurement is 38 and your band size is 36, that's a 2-inch difference which means you wear a B cup. See the chart here for other measurements.

Adjust the band and straps 4

Adjust the band and straps

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Once you’ve determined your size, make sure the back of the bra is at level with the front by tightening the band and shortening the straps to your comfort.


Make sure it's the right fit 5

Make sure it's the right fit

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Make sure your breasts are completely in the cups and take your fingers and slide them underneath the straps and the band to make sure the bra isn't too tight. Your breasts should sit midway between your shoulder and your elbows, otherwise you might need more support.


Put something on 6

Put something on

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Throw on a fitted shirt over your bra to check for bulging or underwire poking. If everything looks and feels right, you most likely found your right size!