I know animal prints aren't going anywhere, but I have to admit, I was honestly starting to get over this trend. That is until I laid my eyes on these mix- print pointy pumps. These gorgeous Guess heels contain the perfect balance of edgy and elegant. The minute I saw them, I instantly thought of this chic leopard print ensemble Jennifer Lopez rocked the other day walking the streets of N.Y.C. Listen, if the Latina pop diva is walking around wearing animal prints, then that's a definite sign to me that this style is still smoking hot. And the best part? They only cost $54!

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So let's talk a little bit about mixed prints. It's definitely one of the most unique ways to dress these days, but sometimes combining matching prints and patterns can be a challenge. Finding a beautiful shoe like this makes nailing this trend super simple. There's really no way to get carried away, that is unless you decide to pair it with a head to toe printed ensemble, which I hope for your own sake, you wouldn't even consider. Personally, I'd love them dressed up with a solid colored dress or dressed down with a pair of jeans and a comfy white T-shirt.

As you can see, I like my shoes with a little oomph. Or in this particular case, a whole lot of oomph! After all, what's the point of a pair of high heels if they aren't going to spike up your look, right? This sexy pump proves that the animal print love affair is definitely no passing fling. And I have to say, I'm really loving it.

Image via Guess.com

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I didn't think mix prints would work, but this shoes are just amazing!

I don't really like mix prints and I'd break my ankle on a heel like that. LOL



They are not for me.



Not my style at all!!

I like those! I usually always like what Guess puts out.
Not for me but cute
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