Shoegasmico: Sergio Rossi's very hot Spain-inspired pumps

For years I've been dreaming about visiting the motherland, Spain. Everything about the country draws my interest--from the rich cuisine, to its influence on my Latin culture, to the ancient traditions. Which is why I absolutely need to own these Sergio Rossi Vivienne pumps! When I first glanced at these shoes I immediately thought of a Spanish torero.


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Bullfighting is a traditional spectacle that began in Spain, which is why the leather fan on the ankle sort of reminded me of the red cape the torero uses to lure the bull in the ring. And just like the torero, a pair of shoes like these will definitely have me strolling around in confidence and grace.

I can totally picture myself wearing these pumps with a red hot dress. Anyone that knows me, knows I love a shoe that has a little bit of character, a shoe that can tell a story. After all, what's the point of a statement piece if it's not making a statement, right?

Believe it or not, this uniquely chic shoe can probably go with a wide array of outfits. I'd wear them with skinny jeans, with dresses, with skirts and much more. Heck, the pointy toe might make them elegant enough to even way to work. Right? Okay maybe not. But still aren't these fierce pumps just stunning?

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