When it comes to looking slimmer, figure-flattering wardrobe tricks are the next best thing next to workouts and diets. You might actually be sabotaging your shape by wearing clothes that visually add volume to your frame. And yes, you can look thinner just by getting dressed. It's all about putting together outfits that hide flaws and play up your best assets. Here's the skinny on some of the most flattering styles that will make you look like you dropped 10 pounds overnight!

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Look 10 lbs. skinnier INSTANTLY with these tricks!

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Slim fitted trousers

To make legs appear longer and lean, opt for a dark pair of skinny trousers with lots of stretch. These will instantly take inches off our thighs.

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Great tips
Very good tips I'll have to keep in mind. Thanks :)

I will keep the tips in mind.....thanks!


Those are some great tips. thanks

I really like the color block dresses. I always like choosing boot cut jeans also.
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