Boobypacks, the fanny pack for your boobs, could be the bra you always wanted (VIDEO)

Are you one of those women who use their bra as a place to store items in lieu of a purse? Well, it looks like you're not alone. A new Kickstarter project is introducing the Boobypack--that's right, it's a fanny pack for your breasts!

I swear, you just can't make this stuff up!


According to the promo, the Boobypack (which is essentially a brightly colored sports bra with zippered side pockets) is perfect for rave-goers as it allows you to keep all your personal items close (literally), but also keeps your hands free "for fist pumping." Since it's water resistant (as we get to see when a cup of water is thrown on a girl with Boobypacked boobs), it will "keep your valuables safe no matter how hard you dance or how much you sweat." And as a bonus, it seems to come exclusively in ridiculously neon orange and pink colors…which pretty much guarantees that the ONLY place you can ever wear it is indeed a rave.

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I don't know why--maybe I'm just not feeling up to my usual levels of snark--but I actually don't think this is that ridiculous of an idea. I mean, the marketing is pretty darn bad, between that god-awful name and all the kinda sad attempts at what (I hope is) sarcasm in the commercial. But to tell you the truth, I know a lot of women who do the bra-as-storage thing. Frequently. If I didn't find iPhone-shaped lumps underneath my clothes so irritating, I'd probably do it myself. So who is to say that ladies wouldn't find these Boobypacks a hot commodity and snatch them right up?

Although I do have to admit that if you're above a B-cup, maybe a C, these probably won't be too comfortable as they don't look very supportive.

Regardless of your opinion though, it's worth checking out the video... if only for comedic purposes.

Image via Kick Starter

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