I spend hours every day reading up on the latest beauty and fashion trends. Some of them I love and others I can't wait to kiss goodbye forever. Since the year is nearly coming to an end, I've started to reflect on some of the worst beauty and fashion trends I noted from the past twelve months.

What makes my 12 picks below so bad? Well for starters, they don't flatter anyone. Not even some of the celebs that have sported them. And they are as impractical as they come. Here are this year's worst beauty and fashion trends:

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Gray hair 1

Gray hair

Image via Getty Images

Models walked down the runway with gray wigs at the Maria Barros Fashion Week show in Madrid, Spain this February. Ironically enough this trend caught on with 20-something year-olds dying their locks in salt and pepper shades. You'd think with all the money women spend on dye jobs and anti-aging products the last thing we'd want to do is go gray.


Wide bell-bottoms 2

Wide bell-bottoms

Image via Splash News

I'm all for boot cut jeans, but these 1970s-inspired bell bottoms aren't flattering anyone. Sorry, but not even the gorgeous Sofia Vergara can pull these off!


Dip-dyed ends 3

Dip-dyed ends

Image via Getty Images

I fell in love with the ombre hair trend--that is before everyone started dipping their ends in pink, blue and even purple dye. Christina Aguilera took the look to another level with her rainbrow bright strands.

Sneaker wedges 4

Sneaker wedges

Image via Urban Outfitters

Sneaker wedges became a favorite this year among celebs, like Gisele Bündchen, Beyonce, Kate Bosworth, and an unfortunate smattering of many more famous gals. To me, this shoe trend was worst than the knee-high gladiator sandals that were in style a few summers ago. They're chunky, gaudy and not even comfortable.


Bright cat-eyes 5

Bright cat-eyes

Image via Getty Images

Bright blue cat-eyes were seen at the Anna Sui Fall 2012 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week show in February. This was a look that needed to stay on the runway.


Crop tops 6

Crop tops

Image via Getty Images

I don't think anyone over the age of 16 should be sporting a crop top in public. I don't care how toned your abs are, midriff-baring wares should be left for the beach only.


Over-the-forehead headbands 7

Over-the-forehead headbands

Image via Urban Outfitters

I'm all about showing off your bohemian side, but this hippie-looking head piece is just plain silly. Am I right?

Gravity-defying wedges 8

Gravity-defying wedges

Image via Sole Struck

As hot as gravity-defying wedges may look, I tried a pair on and was barely able to move, let alone walk. These shoes should be sitting in a museum podium not on anyone's feet.


Half-shaved hairstyles 9

Half-shaved hairstyles

Image via Getty Images

Only Cassie has what it takes to pull this look off. She has the model looks and the confidence. And even so, I'm dying to see her grow the hair on that side of her head back.

Harem pants 10

Harem pants

Image via Getty Images

I will never understand harem pants. Why would anyone want their hips and general hip area too look this wide and baggy? Not even J. Lo looks good in this--and that's saying a lot!


Embellished eyebrows 11

Embellished eyebrows

Image via Getty Images

I was pretty stunned to see models take the Chanel Fall 2012 runway in embellished eyebrows. This is probably the creepiest look I've seen all year.

Floral leggings 12

Floral leggings

Image via Nordstrom

I'm sorry, but I so did not buy into this trend. Floral leggings only make legs look shorter and thighs look fuller. And honestly who wants that?