Shoegasmico: Fabulously festive Christian Louboutin pumps

'Tis the season for looking fabulous and what better way than with a pair of fashionable and festive pumps? Finding the right pair of shoes for all my holiday outfits has become a pretty tiring task. These gorgeous Christian Louboutins are certainly a step in the right direction. The glitzy rhinestones and studded details gives it the fierce edge that most holiday shoes tend to lack. I honestly can't think of a better pair of pumps to amp up all my party dresses.


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With heels like this, you wouldn't even need to go dress shopping. You can totally make the most of your old LBDs, because let's face it, everyone's eyes will be on your shoes! When it comes to dressing up, I always suggest to start from the bottom up. Once you find a hot pair of shoes like these, it's so much easier to just dress around them. It'll save you some money, which you'll need after springing for these beauties!

These sexy sky-highs would look great with a short frock. They'd definitely make your stems look extra long. That's for sure! I'm not even going to tell you how much these shoes cost, because it's honestly not worth the distress. Plus by now you should already know that I have a bad habit of torturing myself with shoes I know I could never afford. It's the holidays, what better time than now to dream a little?

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