A great dress doesn't really look all that great without the right bra. And with all the different options out there, there's no reason to give up on a look you love just because you don't happen to have the right bra. There's a bra for every dress imaginable from backless to a low deep plunge style. Finding one that suits your style isn't always easy, so I decided to save you some time and rounded up some of the best bras for every dress I can think of. Check out a few of my faves below to help you look fabulous and feel confident this holiday season!

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Backless 1


Image via Macys.com

If you’re planning on wearing an open-back dress to your next holiday party, a regular bra is definitely not going to cut it. Go for a backless style that sticks right on like this one. It includes adhesive wings at the sides to help keep everything in place and fully adhesive underwire to provide you with full support.

Macys.com, $48


Strapless 2


Image via Barenecessities.com

Yes you CAN find a strapless bra that supports your full bust. This convertible underwire bra comes in a wide variety of sizes, going all the way up to a 42DDD. So you’ll feel just as good as you look in that dress.

Barenecessities.com, $60


Deep plunge 3

Deep plunge

Image via Nordstrom.com

For those of you planning on sporting a low plunging dress, try a deep plunge bra that will not only fit perfectly under your garment, but will also add some lift and shape. This one actually includes pockets for silicone inserts if you want some extra enhancement.

Nordstrom.com, $28

Push up 4

Push up

Image via Victoriassecret.com

Let’s face it,some dresses just look better with a little more cleavage. I love the Victoria’s Secret Bombshell bra because it literally adds 2 full cup sizes, leaving you with some AMAZING cleavage and fullness. This bra works to enhance even the smallest chests!

Victoriassecret.com, $50


Backless & deep plunge 5

Backless & deep plunge

Image via Bloomindales.com

If you’re planning on hitting your next holiday party in a super sexy number that features an open-back and a deep-plunge, don’t worry there is a bra out there for you. This backless U plunge bra includes adhesives that allows it to stick right onto your chest, without the pesky movement. It’s as if you don’t even have a bra on, only with the extra cleavage and support. Nice right?

Bloomingdales.com, $40