When it comes to style, I love drawing inspiration from fashion icons of the past. So you can imagine how excited I was when I  learned that icon Frida Kahlo's wardrobe has been put on display in an exhibit entitled "Appearances Can Be Deceiving," at Casa Azul (her home turned museum) in Mexico City. The famous Mexican artist was known not just for her nostalgic and colorful self-portraits, but also for her distinct signature style. 

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The new exhibition explores Kahlo's fascinating wardrobe which was inspired by her Mexican indigenous heritage. Around 300 items are featured in the exhibition, including pieces that once belonged to Kahlo herself, like her signature colorful long dresses, which were also used to conceal her injured legs, the result of childhood polio and a traumatic bus accident, and some created by designers like Jean Paul Gaultier and Givenchy who were inspired by her eclectic fashion sense. I absolutely loved the way she used to mix different colors and textures.

So as a way to honor her unique sense of style, I've included a few of my favorite pieces inspired by the legendary painter. Now go on and channel your inner Frida Kahlo!

Image via PBS

Dress 1


Image via Modcloth.com

Frida revolutionized the Mexican fashion scene with her richly embroidered skirts and frocks. Try a modern version of her eclectic styles with this pretty, mosaic-inspired A-line dress.

Modcloth.com, $100


Skirt 2


Image via Vincecamuto.com

While long floral skirts like Frida's aren’t exactly practical for fall, this exotic tribal print maxi skirts works perfect all year long!

Vincecamuto.com, $60


Necklace 3


Image via Anthropologie.com

Frida loved accessorizing with bold and colorful necklaces inspired by her Mexican indigenous culture. The bright red beading and the jagged cones hanging from this beautiful turquoise collar would definitely do the famous artist proud!

Anthropologie.com, $300

Bracelets 4


Image via Freepeople.com

Mixed beaded bracelets were an accessory Frida often sported. This multi-wrap one adds a fun modern twist to the retro-inspired style!

Freepeople.com, $18


Earrings 5


Image via Urbanoutfitters.com

Long, hanging earrings like these made a big part of Frida’s signature look. My favorite part? She was never afraid to wear her accessories all at once!

Urbanoutfitters.com, $15


Ring 6


Image via Forever21.com

A bejeweled dome ring like this reminds me of all the long skirts embroidered with colorful flowers that Frida used to proudly wear.

Forever21.com, $6


Rose hair clips 7

Rose hair clips

Image via Hm.com

Frida put the focus on her hair by adorning in with brightly colored flowers and head wraps. Decorate your updos with some similar-looking hair rose hair clips like these!

Hm.com, $4