Shoegasmico: Gravity-defying studded booties!

Yikes, check out the spikes on these Jessica Burman gravity-defying looking booties! There's so much going on here you'd be afraid to even touch them. No? But even so I can't help but want to walk around in a pair of super bad-ass shoes like these. They just give off such a cool, edgy vibe that's bound to make any look fierce. My only issue is: how EXACTLY am I going to walk in them?


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I really wasn't joking when I said these boots look like they're fighting gravity. These show-stopping monster wedges remind me of the ones Alexander McQueen used to have his models walk the runway with. Lady Gaga was the first one to sport the style, and can you honestly think of anyone else who would have been able to get around in them?

Well believe it or not these heel-less wedges are no longer just for the runway.  I'm telling you there's not just a ton of brands carrying similar-looking wedges like these Jessica Burman ones I'm obsessing over, but they're also selling out like hot cakes too! Every time I check a site with a shoe like this, they're sold out in my size.

But, hey, if you're a shoeaholic like me these, badass booties are really no big deal. I've actually heard they're a lot more comfortable than they look. Plus, with shoes this hot it's worth the pain, right? I mean let's be honest here, we've all worn pumps that were incredibly uncomfortable just because they were cute and stylish. And unlike most shoes I've been drooling over these days, these are actually priced at just a little under $200. Not bad right?

Either way I'm still pretty excited about trying this new style out. And no, I won't admit I have a shoe problem!

Image via ShopJessicaBurman

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