Listen up ladies, there's a new bodycon style that's become this season's official "it" dress: I'm referring to the ever-so-popular "optical illusion dress" that every celebrityhas recently been embracing.Take Adrienne Bailon for instance, who showed up at Fox's The X Factor Finalist Party in a figure-flattering number that made her petite frame look quite curvaceous! Doesn't she look fabulous?


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This miracle-maker is composed of color block panels that work to emphasize a woman's hourglass shape. If you have a fuller figure it will make you look 10 lbs. slimmer, as it shrinks your waist line and flattens your tummy area.  For thinner women like Adrienne, it also nips at the waist and enhances the hips, making your body appear curvier. Basically this universally-flattering dress works on everyone! Check out a few of my favorite illusion style dresses that will give you the perfect hour glass figure!

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