Did you see First Lady Michelle Obama's amazing dress on election night, as she joined President Barack Obama on stage before his victory speech? Ms. Obama, who's known for her chic and attention-grabbing style, wore a magenta silk chine brocade dress by Michael Kors that we actually saw her in at least twice in the past few years. A First Lady who isn't afraid to recycle her dress--how cool is that? Looks like someone was ahead of the trends!

Which brings me to the breathtaking brocade designs that I've been lusting over for days now. These rich prints date back to the Renaissance period, when they were worn only by elite aristocrats and monarchs. I guess that would explain why the shamelessly luxurious trend seems almost fit for royalty. Just a warning, if you're looking for something subtle, this style is not for you!

Check out a few of my favorite luxe brocade pieces with some of my tips on how to successfully sport this glamorous look!


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