I think we all know that finding a pair of jeans that looks and fits right can seem impossible. But think about it, shopping for denim really shouldn't be such a stressful task.

Yes, the perfect pair of jeans for you is out there! It's all about figuring out the styles that fit and flatter your body, so you look sexier and slimmer. Check out some of these stylish denims and always remember to shop your shape...

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Your Body: Pear 1

Your Body: Pear

Image via Bananarepublic.com

If you’re pear shaped, you’ve probably tried a ton of jeans that fit on your hips but are too big around your waist. Instead of going for tight skinny jeans, opt for a crisp pair of denim trousers. The wider leg balances hips and the higher cut won’t gape at the waist.

Bananarepublic.com, $90 


Your Body: Boyish 2

Your Body: Boyish

Image via Victoriasecret.com

If you have a straight waist and a flat butt, you might want to stay away from any high-waisted denims.  Try a pair of medium-rise boot leg or flare jeans. The rise will make your waist seem smaller and your rear look rounder.  High flap back pockets like these  will also help perk up your tush!

Victoriasecret.com, $80


Your Body: Curvy 3

Your Body: Curvy

Image via Eddiebauer.com

Do all your jeans fit you super snug on the legs with lots of space and creasing at the crotch? These stylish straight jeans are made with a special StayShape denim that will make your thighs magically appear slimmer. The stretch in these jeans also accommodates extra inches for a fuller booty and wider hips.

Eddiebauer.com, $70

Your Body: Top Heavy 4

Your Body: Top Heavy

Image via Bloomingdales.com

If you have a tummy, super skinny low cut jeans can make you look heavier than you really are. Avoid the muffin-top mess and opt for a medium or hi-rise pair of bootcuts. The higher waist will offset your belly and cinch in your waist.

Bloomingdales.com, $190


Your Body: Tall 5

Your Body: Tall

Image via Longtallsally.com

If regular cuts fit you like ankle jeans, you might want to invest in a pair of denims with an extra long inseam like these.

Longtallsally.com, $85


Your Body: Petite 6

Your Body: Petite

Image via Gap.com

The key is to opt for straight jeans that are available in petite sizes like these polished denims. If they are still too long, remember that straight jeans always look great cuffed!

Gap.com, $70


Your Body: Slim 7

Your Body: Slim

Image via Urbanoutfitters.com

Slim, slender figures look best in stretchy skinny styles that enhance your subtle curves.

Urbanoutfitters.com, $40