A look into Jennifer Lopez's AMAZING closet!

Jennifer Lopez let cameras into her home for the first time ever on Katie Couric's new daytime show and gave us all a jaw-dropping look at her enormous wardrobe. Which by the way, was more like the size of an entire apartment! Her massive closet was complete with cream carpeting, bright lighting, a dressing table, a professional hairstylist chair, tons of rolling wardrobe racks filled with gorgeous luxury garments, and--my favorite--an area filled with a sweet selection of Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, and Manolo Blahnik shoes!


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And while the size of this closet didn't surprise me (I mean, could you really picture La Lopez with anything less than this? After all, she did wear about 45 different outfits for the last series of American Idol alone!), it was her shoe collection that I am drooling over! There was every type of shoe you could imagine, from pretty pointy pumps to high-heel sandals, all in a wide variety of styles and colors.The countless number of heels were all perfectly displayed across long shelves in a back section of her closet and enough to last her and a few others a lifetime.

Ah, how I'd love to get a chance to parade in one of J.Lo's dreamy pumps. No, I take that back! I'd do anything even just to hold one of those babies for a split second in my hands! Sigh....

Check out footage of the Diva's digs below:

Images via YouTube, Getty Images

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