Shoegasmico: Camilla Belle's glamorous Christian Louboutins!

While some like to do yoga or listen to calming music to get themselves relaxed, I like to drool over sexy jaw-dropping heels when I need a little pick-me-up! Camilla Belle recently wore these gorgeous pointy Christian Louboutin pumps covered in tiny rhinestones at the Kors Collaborations event--and I just could NOT keep my eyes off them!



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These sexy high-heels had me fantasizing about the different ways I would wear them. I think I would literally rock these stunners with everything I own, that's how hot they are! I'd wear them on a special night, for a fabulous holiday party, I'd even cook for my boyfriend in just these alone. Again, that's how hot they are! I mean, am I alone in this, or do these jeweled beauties also tickle your fancy? Thought so!

I don't think I would even trust anyone to come near them. Seriously, what if they touched them so much, one of those pretty little jewels was to fall off? You can look, but you can't touch is probably what I would tell them. After all, anyone who lays their hands on these babies is bound to want to snatch them away for themselves. Another day, another fantastic shoe to obsess over (sigh).

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