Madison Avenue Mom

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Ah, Madison Avenue!  20 city blocks lined with chic boutiques and some of the most luxurious names in fashion. But if you're like me, and not exactly in the market for a $5,000 pair of alligator skin evening shoes or a $30,000 platinum watch strap, rest assured--we are living in an age of 'Fashion Democracy'--and we're never going back!!

It's fascinating to think about how much fashion has changed over the last few decades. It used to feel like the only way one could achieve a high-fashion look was by going to places like Madison Avenue and forking over the equivalent of a down payment on a house (which, by the way, is insane). 

But with the advent of things like the Internet, the rise of large-scale retailers, and society finally coming to its senses (somewhat), today's fashion has become more accessible than ever. 


The Result:  Retailers like Kmart have the ability to take style cues from the world of 'high fashion' to create on-trend, quality clothes that people can actually afford. Even sweeter, now anyone can transform their wardrobe and look 'Madison Avenue-chic' no matter how big their bank account!  And no one is the wiser ;) 

Check out our Madison Avenue Look below, exclusively at Kmart (and at Kmart prices!). We think it screams 'Effortless Style' (which is a welcome change from my own screams when I think about anyone spending $30,000 on a watch strap).

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Bongo Dolman Top   Attention Capri Pants   Sofia by Sofia Vergara Sandals   Attention Basket Weave Bag   Sofia by Sofia Vergara Watch


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