Shoegasmico: Snooki's funkiest shoes EVER!

Warning: the following shoe contains wild animal print and studded designs that might not be suitable for ANY new mom. That is, unless you're Snooki! That's right the Jersey Shore star is at it again. Less than three weeks after giving birth to her new baby boy Lorenzo, Snooki tweeted a picture of her new animal-print-obsession shoe. Only this one has to be the wildest one out of her entire wacky animal- print shoe collection.


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Snooki posted an image of her six-inch peep toe, furry leopard-print, studded, chained leather booties (how's THAT for a description!) with a comment saying, "These boots were made for walkin!" I'm not really sure I would trust the Snooks carrying her newborn baby in these dangerously crazy heels because, after all, hasn't she fallen down a couple of times in her platforms? While you wouldn't catch me dead (OR alive for that matter!) in these funky booties, I have to say I was a little thrilled to see that the reality TV star is still showing off her unique, leopard-friendly style post-pregnancy. The only thing shocking about Snooki's new shoes is that they weren't completely blinged out!

Congrats girl and keep your shoe game on!

Tell us, would you sport crazy tacones like this pregnant or post-pregnancy?

Image via Twitter

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