We all went goo-goo, ga-ga for these gorgeous Kenneth Cole T-strap wedges MamásLatinas founder, Lucia Ballas Traynor, came in wearing today at the office. As high as they looked, Lucia said the wedge style actually made the shoe quite comfortable. I'll be the first to admit that as much as I love high-heels pumps, wedges just always seem to be a much more practical and comfy option. Here are a few more wedge styles I'm totally falling head over heels for!

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Tell us, are you a wedge or high-heel kind of chica?

The Everyday Wedge 1

The Everyday Wedge

Image via DSW.com

I would totally make this adorable T-strap Mary Jane wedge my every day shoe! The timeless style is perfect for work or play!

DSW.com, $50


The Ankle Bootie 2

The Ankle Bootie

Image via Payless.com

There’s nothing more practical than an ankle bootie. Instead of going for a flat one, I like to go for an ankle bootie that gives me some height. This wedge bootie by Christian Siriano for Payless is bold, sexy, and still totally walkable!

Payless.com, $50


Wedge Kicks 3

 Wedge Kicks

Image via Stevemadden.com

I’m not much of a sneaker girl; you’ll usually catch me either in cute flats or heels. In fact the only time I wear sneaks is when I’m hitting the gym. But these stylish wedge sneakers really got me thinking about possibly incorporating one in my wardrobe. It’s a very feminine and stylish sneaker option that will definitely make you stand out!

Stevemadden.com, $90

High Wedge Boot 4

High Wedge Boot

Who doesn’t love an over-the-knee boot for the fall? This trendy boot says sex appeal all over it! The low wedge heels make it stylish, but still easy on your feet.

Bakersshoes.com, $90


Architectural Wedge 5

Architectural Wedge

Image via Aldoshoes.com

These bright, red wedges appear like they’re defying gravity, but as complex as they might look; they’re actually incredibly soft and comfortable!

Aldoshoes.com, $120