5 Fabulous retro-inspired T-strap pumps we're loving!

I can't help but appreciate retro-inspired and vintage styles; they tend to bring such a nice touch of sophistication to whatever you're wearing, which is why I've been drooling over this season's T-strap heels! These 20's flapper-inspired shoes have made one heck of a comeback and they come in a wide array of colors and chic designs. What I love most about this style is that it manages to be elegant, ladylike yet sexy all at the same time. These classic shoes have quickly become one of my favorite styles for the fall. Check out some of these cute pairs that you're bound to go crazy for!

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Tell us, which one of these beautiful T-straps heels do you like best?

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Johanna is the beauty and fashion staff writer at MamásLatinas and obsessed with all things beauty and fashion. She is a proud Dominicana and was born and raised in Queens, NY.

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Ijole, no es por nada, pero no me gustaron ningunas =( tal vez las moradas, sino fueran de gamuza.

Me gustan los negros se miran bien.

Nop sorry I wouldn't wear those shoe, MAYBE I would wear #4 the peek a boo ones only if I had the perfect  outfit or hand bag to go with them or if they were in black!! : )

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