Plus-size women are dominating the fashion market right now

Fashion designers everywhere are discovering that big is beautiful and can also earn them quite the pretty penny. While the fashion market is suffering by attracting women of smaller sizes, the plus-size aisle is booming. Latinas especially come in all shapes and sizes, and up until now, many plus-size ladies had a hard time finding cute and trendy outfits to show off their curves.

Lucky for them, the fashion market is finally hearing them out and are now expanding their plus-size collection. I'm pleased to hear that the fashion industry is learning that just because a woman isn't a size 0, doesn't mean she can't be beautiful and look good if she wants to.



Many designer brands contributing to the plus size clothing boom include, H&M, The Limited, Lucky Brand, the Kardashian clothing line Kurves, even Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana. I'm sure many other brands are going to take cues from these highly influential competitors and will be expanding their collections much sooner than later.

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Experts say that at least half of women today wear sizes 14 and up and control over 30%of the fashion market. The group that benefits almost as much as the plus size women are independent designers who have noticed the trend with plus size clothing and started creating their own collections. It's about time that the fashion world responds positively to bigger women and realizes that they too want to look as great as they feel.

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Just because a woman is bigger, doesn't mean that she has to be stuck wearing boxy outfits. Instead, because designersare offering plus-size collections, women are learning how to dress for their shape-- which is an issue that doesn't just affect plus-size women, but they are offered less trendy varieties. Afterall with many popular celebrities, such as Christina Hendricks and Octavia Spencer embracing their curves, it influences the average woman to do the same.

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